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Heatran makes for a fine lead and overall user of stealth rock having the ability to easily take on the ever so common metagross and azelf leads. Its typing and really well rounded stats make it a good check to top threats within the metagame like magearna mega mawile tornadus t and ferrothorn additionally because of z moves it s hard to consistently keep heatran in check defensively.

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And among those double resistances are included every single type that is weak to fire.

Comment avoir heatran. Cette video vous explique comment avoir heatran dans pokemon version perle diamant platine. Pokédex entry for 485 heatran containing stats moves learned evolution chain location and more. J explique comment capturer heatran dans pokemon version platine sur nintendo ds en partant de l aire de survie.

While its dps doesn t keep up with big names like moltres or most of the powerful shadows heatran is the bulkiest fire attacker to date. The only commonly seen leads that stand a chance against heatran are aerodactyl infernape machamp and swampert but only the former two can actually prevent heatran from laying down stealth rock although this set packs explosion heatran is one. Heatran is something of a niche attacker in pokemon go.

Heatran is one of the best pokemon in the metagame thanks to a variety of different traits. Voici comment capturer heatran dans pokémon rubis oméga et saphir alpha. It also has 10 resistances 6 of which are double resistances.

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