Comment Avoir Deoxys Pokemon X

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The dna of a space virus underwent a sudden mutation upon exposure to a laser beam and resulted in deoxys. There are several meteors in the museum in ambrette town which are presumably for changing the form of deoxys.

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But the mystery is that there are actually 5 meteors and 4 forms of deoxys which suggests either a new form or a mega evolution.

Comment avoir deoxys pokemon x. In this video i will show you where and how to change your deoxys form in pokemon x and y. You will need to bring deoxys over via pokebank gts or a friend th. It appears where auroras are seen.

Dans cette vidéo je vous explique comment avoir deoxys sur pokémon platine. Dna from a space virus mutated and became a pokémon. An alien virus that fell to earth on a meteor underwent a dna mutation to become this pokémon.

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